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About Boderry

About Boderry


#China based watch manufacturer

How Boderry Began

We have witnessed many brands (non-Chinese) using brand marketing methods to sell Chinese-made watches at high prices.This is not desirable! We are confident to be ourselves(Made in China).Boderry is committed to provides High-quality Chinese watches directly to customers all over the world at fair prices. No middlemen, No agencies, Direct ship from China.


Quality First

As China is the world’s largest manufacturing industry, we has many advantage to other watch brand to make crafted watches.

We collaborate with Hangzhou Watch company and Seagull Watch company to fot the automatic mechanical watches. We use their advanced automatic mechanical watch movement.

Also, we use the world’s best Swiss Quartz to power our Quartz Watches.

Our first Automatic Mechanical watch is powered by Hangzhou7500 movement which is a high beat movement - 8 beat every second and featured with 72 hours power reserve. All our watches are employed scratch-resistant Sapphire instead of mineral glasses. The straps or bands are use genuine leather (full grain leather) or 316L stainless steel.

We know that whatever how much a watch is, the best way to win a customer’s happy is to provide the best they need and we are trying to meet it.


Our goal is to make Chinese watch more reliable and get reputations from the world.